17 Jan 2012

Allah's Plan Better than us

i like this word more than a word "much"..i confess that sometimes thing happened in our life unexpectedly..we have no idea what is wrong truly..i can describe it, like what open ur eyes song talk about

look around yourself,can you see this wonder..spreads infront of you..the clouds are floating by,the skies are clears and blue..planets and the orbits..moon and the sun,such perfect harmony..let's start question in ourself..isn't it proof enough for us ?or are we so blind..to push it all aside ,no..it juz have to open our eyes our heart our mind..if we juz look bright to see the signs..we can't keep hiding from the truth..let its take us by surprise..

in my life..hard or easy..i convince that Allah's plan better than me :)

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